Zelengora mountain

Zelengora spreads from the border with Montenegro at Avtovac on the south-east, to the valley of the Drina river on the north-east, and mountain Lelija near Kalinovik on the north, over the territory of three municipalities: Gacko, Kalinovik and Foca.

The massif is known by large number of glacial lakes, of which the most famous ones are: Kotlanicko, Orlovacko, Stirinsko, Jugovo, Donje bare and Gornje bare.

On the west the highest peak is Lelija (2032 m), in central massif of Zelengora Bregoc (2015 m). The mountain Zelengora borders from the north with Jelasca's mountain Husad and Radomislje, from the north-west Zagorje, Vucja brda and Obalj, from the west, south-west and south with the Neretva river, Gredelj, confluence of Jabusnica river, Sutjeska river, from the south-east and the Sutjeska canyon on the east, with mountains Volujak and Maglic, from the north-east with Malusa mountain and Ruda mountain.

The whole complex of Zelengora encompasses the surface about 150-160 km2. Zelengora has the rich flora and fauna, especially in part where the primeval forest Perucica is located.

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