Trnovacko lake

Trnovacko lake is a mountain lake at the foothill of Maglic.

It is located at an altitude of 1517 meters. The lake is of glacial origin. During the winter, the lake is often frozen, with heavy snow which can stay until summer. This beauty of the nature is completely surrounded by mounatin massifs, which hights exceed 2000 meters.

The mountains around Trnovacko lake are: Maglic, Bioc, Volujak, Vlasulja, Trnovacki Durmitor. Rich with trout it represents the heaven for fishermen. Near, down the Maglic, there is the primeval forest Perucica (BiH) with endemic species of flora and fauna. Also, near the lake, there is Sutjeska national park.

Trnovacko lake is often the starting point of mountaineers for their further goals, between others, to Maglic (2386m).

Everyone who visited Trnovacko lake fell in love with it on the first sight, so why would you be an exception?

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