River Tara

The Tara river – the pearl of Europe. The Tara canyon is 149 km long, and up to 1300 meters deep. It is the second largest canyon in the world, after the Colorado canyon, and by that the deepest and sharpest river valley in Europe.

Comparing with the wasteland of the Great canyon in Colorado, the Tara canyon looks like primeval area. Light green color with exuberant deciduous forest prevails there, and dark green color of conifers. The Tara river receives its tributaries mostly from mountain Komovi, Sinjajevina, Durmitor and Ljubišnja. It meets the Piva river at Scepan Polje where it creates the Drina river.

On January 17th, the Tara river and its canyon were listed in the „Man and biosphere list“, and on September 4th 1980 within Durmitor National park, the river and the canyon were declared „UNESCO world heritage of national goods“.

Recent studies have determined that there is significant concentration of endemic plant species and insects, and in the very canyon there are over 80 known caves which have not been fully explored yet. In some of these caves the existance of cultural layers is determined, which is indubitably evidence that the prehistoric man lived there.

Clear, green Tara water belongs to „A“ category. It is drinkable entire course (which is extremely rare), gives the landscape the freshness of its canyon, luminosity and the movement in an impressive riverbed with its rapids, waterfalls, tributaries and other natural phenomena which can be only found here.

For all nature lovers Rafting center „Tri vodenice“ offers possibility of rafting on entire flowing part of the Tara river (92 km). Upper part of the flow conquers you with the depth of the canyon with its beautiful landscapes while the last 20 km of Tara is the most attractive part with 22 rapids which will increase your adrenaline level into the sky.

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