Rainforest Perucica

Rainforest Perucica - natural jewel - the largest and the most preserved primeval reserve in Europe. Located at the foothill of Maglic, surrounded by Volujak and Snjeznica.

The primeval forest, also called „the lungs of Europe“, spreads at about 1500 ha. Living world of Perucica, expressed through vegetation is very numerous and rich. Within this strict natural reserve, besides forest parts of beech, fir and spruce, also parts of sub alpine beech, pure or with mountain maple, sub alpine spruce, vegetation of pines and mountain grassy vegetation are protected. About the richness of the primeval forest, testifies the fact that over 170 species of trees and bushes, and also over 1000 species of herbaceous plants are registered.

Very unreachable terrain of the primeval forest preserved numerous endemic examples of flora and fauna. In the heart of the primeval forest there is waterfall Skakavac, over 70 meters high, which gives special visual beauty to the primeval forest. One can step into the forest only accompanied with the guide. If you consider yourself a nature lover, we can tell you with certainty that the tour of this beautiful and unique primeval forest in europe is a dream come true of every nature lover.

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