Mountain Maglic

Mountain Maglic is Dinaric mountain on the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro about 20 km south-west from Foca.

Maglic is the mountain with the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The highest peak of Maglic in Bosnia and Herzegovina is located at an altitude of 2386 meters. The mountain is bordered by the river Sutjeska on west, mountain Volujak on south-west, rivers Drina and Piva on the north-east, and mountain Bioc on south-east.

The Maglic is made of Permian rocks, Mesozoic limestones, diabasis and malafirs, and glacial traces are seen. It is overgrown with beech and coniferous forest. Upper forest border is at about 1600 meters, and over that height there is a plateau with pastures and numerous reefs and heights.

Najpoznatije visoravni u okolini Maglića su Vučevo (sa vrhom Crni Vrh), Rujevac, Snježnica, Prijevor i Mratinjska Gora. U blizini Maglića se nalazi i Perućica, najveća prašuma u Evropi, te veliki cirk Urdeni dolovi sa Trnovačkim jezerom na 1517m.

The most popular plateaus near Maglic are Vucevo (with the height Crni vrh), Rujevac, Snjezica, Prijevor and Mratinjska Gora. The largest primeval forest in Europe, Perucica, is located near Maglic, also large cirque Urdeni Dolovi with Trnovacko lake at 1517 meters. The foothill of the mountain and all the slopes are rich with water, with numerous sources of which the most plentiful is Carev Do which never dries.

To know about Maglic and to look at it on the pictures is nice, but to conquer it with our help, it is priceless.

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