Mountain Durmitor

Durmitor is the mountain and the national park in Montenegro. It was declared a national park back in 1952. the park encompasses the basic massif of Durmitor with canyons of Tara, Draga and Susica, and the upper part of the canyon Komarica. It spreads on the surface of 39 000 ha.

The highest peak of Durmitor is Bobotov kuk (2523 m). The name Durmitor comes from the Celtic word „dru mi tore“ which means „the mountain full of water“.

The large landscape of Durmitor is made by vast plateau at 1500 meters, intersected with deep canyon valleys, and from there imposing mountain peaks rise, of which 48 are over 2000 meters high.

On the 17th of January 1977, Tara river and its canyon are included on the list of "Man and Biosphere" and on 4th of September 1980 as part of the National Park "Durmitor" declared as "World Heritage natural properties of UNESCO".

The highest peak of Durmitor is Bobotov Kuk (2523m). The immense relief of Durmitor makes large plateau at 1500m above sea level cut deep canyon valleys and with it rising imposing mountain peaks of which 48 are over 2000m.

The exceptional beauty of this mountain massif is inexpressibly contributed by 18 glacial lakes, known as „mountain eyes“, of which the most famous and maybe the most beautiful is Crno lake. By the richness of flora and fauna, the presence of over 1300 different plant species , with large number of endemic ones, Durmitor represents the huge natural value and permanent inspiration for the scientists and nature lovers.

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