Canyon Nevidio

Canyon Nevidio is the canyon which is located in central part of Montenegro. It is 55 km far from Niksic. The canyon is the part of Mala Komarnica which emerges at the foothill of the southern part of Durmitor, precisely in Dobri Do.

Descending, it passes between Boljske grede (2091 m) and Lojanik (2091 m) and showing up again in tamed river valley as a permanent river. At the very end of the valley the canyon Nevidio begins. Nevidio, which means „never seen by the God“. It rightfully carries the name because Komarnica suddenly disappears in strangely carved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye. The surrounding of the entrance is one of the most beautiful in Durmitor area.

The village Poscenje with two glacial lakes, makes the beauty of this area. There is also periodic waterfall Skakavica which with seventy meters spreads water from Grabovica which flows into Komarnica. The first touch with Nevidio shadows with unwritten beauty, unusual and strange, the man did not use to. The large part of the canyon is located in eternal shadow. Due to vertical rocks Sun beams cannot reach the bottom. On slopy and unreachable rocks, cruel conditions for vegetation prevail, so it can be said that the jewel of the cruel nature is heaven and hell in one. The width of the canyon at specific places is smaller than a meter.

Some parts of canyon are being passed just with the help of alpinistic equipment. Today, canyon Nevidio finds its place in the brochures as unique tourist attraction. Unrepeatable beauty of gorges, cascades and foamy rapids which this canyon guards, is a sufficient reason to visit this incredible jewel of Montenegro.

However, even it does not demand special physical strength, passing through the canyon is not recommended without a guide.

Once you enter, there is no way back… Let us pass it together!

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