Rafting on Tara river - season 2019

Rafting season 2019 starts on 1st of May. For nature lovers, rafting center "Three mills" organizes rafting on Tara in the form of increasingly popular arrangement entire navigable part of the Tara River (length 92 km) as well as  a standard shortened downhill (but also the most attractive with 22 noise) 22 km - see all packages and book your adventure on time >>> 

About Tara river

"Tear of Europe" - "Emerald Green Tara" - "only drinking river in Europe" - the various epithets that are given over time... and every guest who has seen and felt Tara gave her his personal description. It is true that we have a little space, and possibly a few words, to transfer all its beauty. Therefore, we invite you to familiarize yourself with Tara and that at least for a moment replace the gray cities with light-green-blue (strange) color that radiates Tara.

River Tara -> 

unesco world heritage

On the 17th of January 1977, Canyon of river Tara is listed on "Man and Biosphere" list and on 4th of September 1980 (as part of the National Park Durmitor) designated as "World Heritage natural properties of UNESCO".