National park Sutjeska, National park Durmitor, rainforest Perućica, Tara canyon, Nevidio canyon... so many natural beauties so close to you...

Are you planning a summer holiday on the Adriatic coast? Croatian, Montenegrian, Bosnian .... doesn´t matter! Maybe, for a change, you want to escape to the mountains? Maybe neither one, maybe you just want to visit few of our interesting cities…

You are not familiar with Bascarsija in Sarajevo, Old bridge in Mostar, Dubrovnik fortress, Emir Kusturica's Andricgrad in Visegrad? You want to see it, feel it, touch it… You want to learn about these places?

Our camp is located on your way leading to these cities, coast or the mountains... but not only located by the road, it is more like placed to serve you!

What would you think if we steal a little bit of your time and throw you to one of our destinations? To turn you from your beaten life path for a moment and take you to our campsite? Allow us to bring you back into a forgotten time when everything was clean, untouched, completely natural?

Let us remind you on the only drinkable river in Europe – emerald green river Tara… On the Maglic, highest peak in Bosnia… Primeval forest Perucica, in which still only the foot can step in, while the four-wheel input is strictly prohibited! To show you the unseen beauty of the Nevidio canyon… To take you to the magically amazing Trnovacko lake…. Or to take you to the National Park "Sutjeska" or National Park ˝Durmitor˝?
Allow us to take some of your time for all of this, and you will never forget it…. That´s a promise!

See you!!!